6 Tips for Telling Stories with Your Photos


We can all agree that special moments require great photos - birthday celebrations, spring blossoms or fall leaves, your yard in full bloom. Capturing the essence of a scene requires a bit of practice. Here are some great tips to get you started.


Tell a Story with Your Photos

  1. Use the Rule of Thirds. Imagine splitting your screen into thirds - horizontally & vertically. Align prominent points along the lines or intersections.

  2. Portrait or Macro Mode - Use your camera or phone's special features to make images in the front appear clearly and fuzzy behind.

  3. Unique angles - squat down to get a "bug's eye" view or stand above for a "bird's eye" view of the subject

  4. Use the sun and shadows to your advantage

  5. Notice where your eye will travel within the frame/photo. Try to move the eye through the photo in a diagonal line.

  6. Crop & edit so your viewer will see the amazing moment you experienced through your eyes



In this YouTube episode of Front Porch Portraits, I will be painting a mini house portrait commissioned by a family in Iowa and you will learn some quick tips tell stories with your photos.

Front Porch Portraits


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