Real Estate Marketing Ideas


Real estate is all about referrals & keeping your client relationships strong. This means meaningful communication, thoughtful gifts, and understanding their specific needs and interests.

Read on for 5 ways to market your real estate business and make it meaningful…


Real Estate Client Events

Keep up with your clients through face-to-face events or pop-bys. Find out what’s new in their life. Ask leading questions and give them a unique experience to remember you by. Schedule an event at a local park or art studio, host a parents night out, do a special giveaway so they visit your office. Get an idea of what’s important in their lives and create experiences around that.


Custom House Portrait for a Closing Gift

Become the top of mind realtor when you gift a custom house portrait on closing day. At the end of the paper signing, hand them a home drawing that YOU commissioned for your buyers. This is a heartfelt gift that will solidify your relationship for the years to come. The portrait will be displayed in their home and your name will always be attached to it! Just ask to add your business details to the back of the painting or included with the packaging. Realtors give house portraits at Christmas and the first anniversary of homeownership as a reminder of their relationship. Andrea from Front Porch Portraits specializes in real estate close gifts for buyers with house paintings from photos. For more details, contact Andrea or visit Front Porch Portrait’s Real Estate page

Real Estate Email Marketing

Keep in touch on a frequent basis with tips on home ownership or events happening in the area. You want to be an excellent resource for them, so give them information that they SEEK and NEED. Use feedback (clicks) from your email campaigns to marketing pieces that match their interests.

Realty Direct Mail Marketing

Old school direct mail works great for when you offer something your clients value. Use the information you learn from showings, events and email marketing to shape an idea of what your clients’ really value. Use this information to develop your direct mail campaign. You could send out a post card with dates of community events, important phone numbers/websites, household tips, gardening information, great recipes or discounts for a children’s museum or orchestra or new restaurants.

Community Sponsorship for Realtors

Engage in your local community in meaningful ways by sponsoring a local teams, troop or event. When you associate yourself with these, you are demonstrating that you truly support and care about what’s happening to the families you want to attract. Be present at the event(s), bring your real estate team, friends and family to the event. It’s a chance to connect on a personal level and understand the interests and needs.

All of these pieces build your client relationships, so you are a trusted source for information in your community. You will stand out because you are demonstrating your care for them and their family. Real estate marketing doesn’t need to be sales-y. It needs to be authentic to the clients you serve and want to attract.


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