When Your Parents Downsize


When your aging parents are downsizing & moving from your family’s home, it’s a big change for everyone! They are leaving a place full of memories and stepping into a new phase in their lives.

Read on for ways to celebrate their home and help them step into their new life.


Create a Photo Album

Snap photos of the house with all of the special places where fun memories took place! Turn those into a simple photo album - include original photos if you find them.


Commemorate the Home

Celebrate and commemorate the home your parents created with a custom house portrait. The home drawn from a photo can be hung in their new place and remind them of the sweet memories they created. This is the perfect gift for retirees who are downsizing or aging parents who are moving into assisted living. Andrea from Front Porch Portraits specializes in creating hand-painted illustrations of homes. Learn more or contact Andrea for details.


Ease them into their New Home

Help your parents ease into their new home by helping with setting up their electronics/technology. It’s often the biggest hurdle for aging parents and your assistance will be appreciated. Meet with the installer, write down passwords and help-phone numbers or websites for when they have tech issues.


Help Declutter & Take your Mementoes

When your parents are moving, they need to declutter and downsize to their new space. Ask your parents for any furniture and mementoes that mean the most to you. Your childhood books, school work or dresser may bring you joy in your own home.


Bring a few special plants from the family home to your parents new digs and your own home. This can make a new outdoor space feel a bit like home. Be sure to check that it will work in the new climate and ask your realtor, as the new homeowners may wonder where the gorgeous rose bush went!


Hand drawn house portrait


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