When Your Neighbor Moves


When your dearest neighbors are moving, it’s hard to say goodbye. It’s those shared moments of children growing up, neighborhood gatherings and the little joys of home ownership (borrowing tools). There are simple ways to celebrate your friendship and make their move easier!


Help Organize a Packing Party

Ask friends and other neighbors attend and have the homeowners provide pizza, drinks, boxes, & tape. Each group of adults and kids can work room by room and pack up the house. Then, celebrate with delicious food and drinks that are easy to clean up.

Gather Memories

Put together a simple photo album with memories of your time together.

Order House Portrait

Order a portrait of their home as a special gift.

Offer to Do a Final Housecleaning

It’s exhausting to organize a move, so offer to do a final clean up for your neighbors. You can do it yourself or hire a house cleaning service. This includes wiping down appliances (in and out), cleaning all surfaces and sweeping out garage. It’s a great way to welcome your new neighbors too - they get to walk into a clean house that’s ready for their unpacking.


Custom House Portraits from photo


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