Essential Moving Checklist


Whether you are moving down the street or headed to another country, moving is a complicated process with lots of details.

Read on for ideas of how to make the transition to your new home as painless as possible


Two Months Before Your Move

  • Figure out your moving budget & a few dates for your move

  •  Get estimates on your move & hire a mover/rent a truck

  • Consider where your furniture will go in each room.

  • Visit your new community’s municipal website and review the local newspaper online.


One Month Before Your Move

  • Submit your Change Your Address to the post office

  • Buy your moving supplies - tape, boxes, labels, markers, paper

  • Sell or donate what you do not plan to use in your new place

  • Schedule a house cleaner after you move out


Two Weeks Before You Move

  •  Pack non-essentials. Number & inventory as you pack boxes

  • Properly dispose of items that cannot be moved on trucks

  • Review contents of refrigerator and pantry to plan meals

  • Call and confirm your date/times/costs with the moving company

One Week Before You Move

  • Pack! Hold a packing party. Buy dinner & invite friends help you fill boxes

  • Create a First Night box with linens, toiletries, toilet paper and cleaning supplies

  • Schedule to cancel your old utilities & set up your new utilities

  • Prepare your moving company payment & have cash to tip the movers


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Moving Day!

  • Greet the movers! Walk them through the old and new houses

  • Inspect furniture, walls and floors for damage during the move-out and move-in.

  • Open your First Night box and enjoy your new digs

After Moving Day

  • Update driver's license and financial accounts

  • Transfer any medical information to new offices

  • Find your local library and sign up for a card. Ask for information about parks,

    activities and seasonal events in the area.

  • Pick a date for housewarming party and invite your neighbors and friends

  • Send new address announcements to friends and family (see details below!)


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