6 Ways to Create a Wedding to Remember


Your wedding is a reflection of you and your soon-to-be. With little touches of color, textures and unique experiences, you and your guests will have a day to remember.


Unique Wedding Bouquet

Wether you create your own bouquet or have your florist do it, you can add in small mementos of you and your loved ones. Ask for ribbon, lace, handkerchiefs, broaches, earrings, lockets from friends and family to include in the bouquet. They can be attached with florist wire or hang from ribbon.

Wedding Guest Book Alternative

Rather than display a guest book that will simply collect dust on a shelf, you can take a trip down memory lane every time you stroll past this wonderful watercolor illustration with your guest signatures & well wishes. Your guests will only be too delighted to add their John Hancock’s to the broad mat that surrounds your wedding venue painting. A pure, snow white mat elegantly frames a watercolor illustration of the place where you wed. Andrea from Front Porch Portraits specializes in hand-painted architectural illustrations and creates one-of-a-kind guestbooks for weddings. Click here for details.

Wedding Boutonniere Ideas

Just like your bouquet being full of special pieces, you can provide your florist with something that represents your spouse’s interests. Think about small pieces that connect with his hobbies, such as a fishing fly, bird feathers, golf tees, leather from a ball, cuttings from his parent’s garden. These pieces can be wrapped in florist wire and carefully tied into the boutonniere.

Wedding Tablecloth Decorations

Add in some simple, elegant ladies handkerchiefs that remind you of bygone days to your centerpiece. These light, cotton pieces will add a bit of color and vintage style to your event. Each table can be adorned with it’s own set of unique selection of handkerchiefs to surround the centerpiece. Ask your friends and relatives for any they can lend. They will be delighted to sit at a table with their personal touch included.

Creative Wedding Favors

After the celebration is over, you want your guests to remember your special day. Consider what might represent you and your spouse and go with it! Do you love to drink wine? Garden? Cook? Think of simple, affordable favors you can give your guests that’s presented in a unique way. Engraved wine stoppers, herb seeds for planting, a printable cookbook with your wedding day recipes and other family recipes.

Unique Thank You Cards

Send your gratitude for attending your wedding (and any gifts you received) with customized thank you card featuring your wedding venue or place of worship. Memories were made that day and it’s a simple and thoughtful way to say thanks. Andrea from Front Porch Portraits can customize these to suit your needs. Click here for details


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