About Front Porch Portraits


Keeping your memories close to your heart with custom art.

Front Porch Portraits offers architectural illustrations designed to celebrate all of life’s special moments. Beginning with a hand drawn sketch, followed by watercolor brush strokes, and finally finished with inked details, Andrea captures the nostalgia of your childhood home, the romance of the church you wed, and the excitement when you purchase a new home. 

When you are given a gift from Front Porch Portraits, you are receiving more than an original watercolor illustration. You are commemorating and honoring the special landmarks of your life. You are revisiting your childhood days and teenage adventures. 

You are finally coming home.



About the Artist

I believe houses become homes when you start living your stories inside them.

My name is Andrea Pearlstein and I am an artist, librarian, entrepreneur, and a lover of art & architecture.

Every day, I strive to capture the small joys that our homes bring within my watercolor illustrations. I believe that architecture has an enchanted quality to it; these structures are more than brick & wood, because they create a framework for our lives. Having lived in thirteen different homes, ranging from a stone’s throw from historic Philadelphia to the beachy houses of Florida, I have a keen understanding of what homes do for us. They filled with our life’s memories, which is why painting each portrait is pure joy.

In my heart, as young as elementary school, I loved the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. In 2016, I left my library career to follow my dream and launched Book Pearls Creations, focusing on bookish gifts & literary art. My love of architecture & watercolor transformed my business into Front Door Portraits in 2019. I take immense pleasure in sketching the windows and doors of each building and the first blush of colors as they kiss the page. What I truly love, however, is knowing that when a customer receives their custom portrait their smiles can’t be contained and their eyes are shining with tears of joy…  

That is why I am an artist.